Saturday, 30 July 2011

Almost There....

Issue 1 is in the final stages of pre-production with the very special addition of Cassette Playa's Carri Munden and her crushes of the moment. Can you guess who she chose...? 

P.S. We already know what we'll be picking up from Cassette Playa S/S 2012 ;) 

Photo co/ Hypebeast 2011

Thinking into the future, following the girl-fest that makes up the first issue, we're creating our own lads' mag! No glamour models, footballers or dubious advice columns -  we're filling our pages with articles, illustration, photography and much more from real boys with real interests. We'll also be following teenage fashion designer, Rael Stone, in the build up to and aftermath of his installation at Primitive in East London on the 6th August. He's a bad boy with a taste for Turkish barbers, The Craft and country life - we both fear and love him.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Unrequited Love

Ryan McGinley, "Morrissey 25", 2006

Old Light #1 is a compilation of illustration, lyrics, real life experiences and embarrassing lists exploring the inescapable role of unrequited love and crushes in the life of girls and women.
Featuring arty contributions from award-winning illustrator Hannah Simpson, the off beat editor of Dry Mag, Daisy Davidson and literary goddess, Jo Davey amongst kind-of sickening tributes to Quentin Tarantino from Charlotte Prichard, lyrics from London Straight Edge's most perceptive participant, Kai Stone, reminiscences from Rosie Wolfenden of Tatty Devine, creative musings from post-punk queen Gina Davidson and countless words from myself, Emily Prichard, regarding the thorny barbs of empty adoration.